The Dragon’s Lair

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[/page_section]For the first time on 2-Minute Table Top, a multi-part battle map.The Dragon’s Lair comes in three pieces, the bridge, entrance and burrow, and altogether spans 12 pages / 552 squares / 2760 ft2.
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The Hallowed Hall

A few weeks ago, Reynold the paladin and his comrades Walter and Victor found themselves in a sprawling grimdark cityscape with no friends and many enemies.Luckily, Reynold is a paladin of the Silver Lady, and knew of a small temple in the area built long ago, even before the land was covered in cobble and haze. Navigating the web of cramped streets, they found their way to the tiny relic, now decrepit and tended to by an equally decrepit caretaker.
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The Checkpoint

Checkpoint is perhaps my new favorite battle map.

I knew I wanted to make a multi-layered structure, but it was too simple to make a cut out set piece, so how should I portray elevation? I decided to try long shadows cast by a rising/setting sun, and I am overjoyed with the results. As well as communicating the height of the wall, it adds a whole new convincing element to the scene.

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