Welcome to The Windy Realms, where ships sail on clouds and the trees grow to titanic proportions!



This “world” map is from the creative mind of Trung Duong, and was drawn as his Patreon reward. It’s a place of magic, high fantasy, tree-dwellers, mountain-dwellers, and claw(???)-dwellers. Here, sailing ships swoop through the skies alongside the birds, trading goods and crafts found nowhere else.

Perhaps The Windy Realms exist on another plane in your world, or have only recently appeared in the sky? Perhaps they’ll just serve as a kick-ass one-shot? Whatever the case, please share your lore in the comments! I love seeing the different ideas that spring out of a single map.



Creative Commons LicenseThis work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License, thanks to our generous supporters. If you would like to use these tiles commercially, please contact me 🙂

Special thanks to:

Owen Eli Cook, Matthew Southall, David Binette, Patrick O’Hagan, Simon Lawes, Bernard Howell, Michael Scartaccini, Michael Pace, Andreas Pagitz, Sam Wise, Mark, Joe Needles @Hi_Average_Joe, Nicholas O’Sullivan, Dantemagnum, Jelle, Brian Barron, DawnforgedCast @DawnforgedCast, Trung Duong @untrung, PrintableHeroes @PrintableHeroes, Jeff Sorensen, Michael Reading, David Parks, Steven Van Cauteren, Seung Park, D. Hunt @CanjeStudios, Javier Tellez, Charles Harris, Shards The Game, Jason Oliver, Ahria Rose-Klarenbeek, Ryan Littlefield, charliefewsmith, Adam Brennan @FishIsTwonk, Ron, Michael Wayne Berube II, Peter Saumur @Stitched, Gilwainmok, The one who Wasps, Cansin Akcasoy, Sean Connelly, Bruno Jutras, Joshua Renz, Stephanie Novak, Ingjald Pilskog, James Ball, Glenn, Violet, Jack Rayner, Bernardo Vinicius, Adam Henderson, Taber, Austin Auclair, Matthew Gillett, William Hamilton, Sam Jordan, Fable, eddy zrout, Tristan, Pedro Ferrández Selva, Rickard Thernlund, Riley Grycewicz, Matthew Kammes, Alex Swanson, superducky, Juan Pablo, John Stone, Richard StDenis

The Windy Realms

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Ross McConnell

Artist and DM, I draw the maps, record the videos, and write the articles here at 2-Minute Table Top. It's my ideal creative outlet, and it's all thanks to you!

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Published: March 13, 2017
Tagged: battle map, blog

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