My first dive into both regional maps AND sci-fi maps!

Based on [something like] the Stanford Torus design, this spinning space station is split into four distinct districts joined by spindly elevators and a central spine.

The first is a sort of party central / zen garden split, the second a grey business center, the third a lab-covered science ring, and the fourth is an industrial winterland. Feel free to ignore my cross section and use these as independant ringworlds or some sort of astrolabe design, of course!

It’s my first shot at both a regional map and a sci-fi map, and I’ve made a lot of improvements to my method already just in drawing this map. Stay tuned for a medieval flavored regional map in the near future!


Hawk your space-wares at the Rotation Station today:

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Published: June 3, 2016
Tagged: battle map, blog

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