Today’s cosy library is another set piece for the modular buildings set, crammed with bookshelves and ready for construction on your city street.

Besides the bookshelves, this map features a fortified basement room and a skylight roof, both of which can be used to add intrigue to your other modular buildings.

You can download the Little Library below:

[thrive_megabutton mt=”DOWNLOAD” st=”Little Library” color=”red” link=”” target=”_self” align=”aligncenter”]

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Ross McConnell

DM, aspiring artist, and founder of 2-Minute Tabletop! I love drawing, writing, and worldbuilding, and this is the website where all of it comes together.

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  1. I LOVE that you made the sun lights in the roof opaque! This adds a great dynamic to the Roll20 town map I’m setting up. Great attention to detail!

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Published: December 9, 2015
Tagged: battle map, blog

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