Typical Tavern, rpg battle map floorplan banner

The Typical Tavern

A place visited frequently by nearly every party, no matter their level. You’ll have to come up with your own name though!

Typical Tavern, rpg battle map floorplan banner


It’s been years since I drew a tavern, a staple that you can never have enough of. So, I wanted to draw a “baseline” tavern, a Typical Tavern.

With your standard-affair tavern out the way, I’d like to branch out to more exciting taverns every now and then. Ramshackle taverns, dwarven (dug)inns, low- and high-class varieties, etc. etc.

The PDF is 16×11″ and should print each floor on 2 sheets of US Letter or A4, for a total of 6 sheets (or 4 if you don’t need the roof). Of course, there are VTT-friendly PNGs as well. Enjoy!



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  1. Keep up this awesome work! I’m not super creative so these maps help me out a ton!

  2. Contrary to popular belief that people in the medieval ages didn’t care much for their personal hygiene, the truth is almost every inn had a place where their customers could bathe. This is, however, the first time I see an inn/tavern for a tabletop game that actually reflects such reality. Well done!

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