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Presenting The Dealership, a collection of airships by BananaDealer, a distinguished member of our Patreon Discord.

These were created using assets from my 2-Minute Tabletop assets. You’ll find BananaDealer’s airships and my assets all listed in the downloads section.

If they serve you well, please leave a thank-you for BananaDealer in the comments, or come find him in the Patreon Discord!

The Dealership

Three distinct airships and their Pathfinder stat blocks, according to their author’s custom rules.

Air Patrol Boat

Air Patrol Boat - Topdeck (9x10@70px)
  • A small, Schooner-sized vessel, common in many a nation’s air navies.
  • Used primarily for patrolling the clouds around cities and fortifications, as well as sometimes as escorts to larger craft.
  • Not exactly comfortable to serve on, or too agile in its flight – it relies primarily on the wind, much like a sailing vessel.

Size: Colossal Air vehicle
– Length Overall (bow to aft): 45ft.
– Main Deck Width: 15ft.
– Width Overall: 45ft.
– Height Overall (Gondola): 30ft.
– Envelope Length: 50ft.
– Envelope Width: 20ft.
Cost: 50,000 gp (unarmed)


Maximum Speed: 60 ft. (with air current);
Acceleration: 30 ft. (with air current);
Attack: ram 8d8
CMB +8; CMD 18

1x Large Hardpoint
2x Medium Hardpoints


AC 2 (+Driver Skill); HP 500 (249); Base Save +0

Envelope SidesSilk0
Envelope Internal Balloons10mm rubber-coated canvas2Electricity: 10
Deck Flooring/Walls:440mm oak planking7



  • Current:
    One large, rubber-coated canvas hot-air balloon, obloid-shaped 50ft. in length (20ft. across), contained under a silk envelope, 300 hp;
  • Coal-burning Engine:
    Single, 2-square-large Engine, used to generate the hot air needed to keep the ship aloft, hardness 8, hp 60, difficult device, the engine is located at the front of the ship’s main deck, connected to the envelope with a soft tube;
  • 2x Sails:
    Located on each side of the ship, operated by via the steering wheel, though a series of winches, pulleys, and tackles as both a means of propulsion and steerage;

Driving Check
Knowledge (nature), or Pilot for air current navigation,
Pilot/Drive, or Knowledge (engineering), or Profession (sailor) when taking the helm;

Forward Facing: Boat Forward;

Driving Device: Steering Wheel

Driving Space
An 1-square space that contains the steering wheel, located on the Aftcastle, on the Topdeck of the ship.

Crew: 4-6 including:

  • One Captain or Pilot,
  • at least 1 Engineer, tending the engine and maintenance;
  • at least 1 Navigator;
  • 2-3 Gunners;


Decks: 2

Cargo: Up to 5 tons of cargo.

Captain’s Air-Gig

Airships Boat (6x4@70px)
  • A large-ish boat-sized craft, intended for use as an airship’s boat, particularly as the captain’s gig.
  • Usually held in place on the side of larger vehicles.
  • The gondola is fitted with a tank containing high-pressure helium, used to rapidly fill the envelope.

Size: Large, Air Vehicle
– Gondola: 35ft. pear shaped;
– Envelope: 30ft. drop-shape, below gondola;
Cost: 2,000 gp


Maximum Speed: 100 ft;
Base Acceleration: 10ft;
Weapons: None
Attack: Ram 1d8
CMB: +1; CMD: 11;


AC 0; HP 96 (47); Base Save +1

Envelope SidesSilk0
Envelope Internal Balloons90mm rubber-coated canvas;2Electricity: 10
Gondola wood5


Current (Air; 5 squares of rubber-coated canvas envelope held to the gondola by rope, hp 45);
Small, coal-powered motor (hardness 8, hp 10; technological device) located at the back of the gondola;

Driving Check
Pilot/Operate to navigate using the rudder and sail;
Knowledge (Engineering) check for operationg the Motor and/or going over Base Acceleration, adding 10ft per successful check, up to Maximum;

Forward Facing
Boat Forward;

Driving Device
Small Motor powering a rear-facing rotor (AC 0, hardness 2, hp 6) and Current-Navigation through a topsail and two “wings” for stability;

Driving Space
A 5ft-by-5ft square at the back of the small gondola, in front of the Crank-Motor;

1 (operates both Crank-Motor and Current-Navigation Lever);


Decks: 1
Passengers: 6 (including Crew)

30-days worth of rations (for 6), including unmarked cans, dried meats and fruits;
60-days worth of water (rationed for 6);

Powered Glider; the Grasshopper

  • The Grasshopper Glider is one of the latest inventions of the Kelibekkri Artificers.
  • A single-person flyer, powered by magic-infused crystals, the Grasshopper is agile and fast but equally fragile.
  • The glider takes it’s name from its resemblance to a grasshoper while parked/stowed.

Size: Large, Air vehicle
(treated as a mount of the same size while in combat)
– T-shaped 25ft. by 15 ft.;
Cost: 14,000 gp


Maximum Speed: 80 ft.;
Acceleration: 10 ft.
(20ft. when it launches itself);
Attack: Ram 1d8;
CMB +1; CMD 11;


AC 9; Hardness 0 (takes double damage from acid and fire attacks);
HP 20 (9); Base Save +0



  • Current
    Air; two squares of wings on each side of the glider’s frame, HP 20.
  • Magical Hybrid Engine
    Arcane-powered technological gyro-type engine; located across the glider’s frame, fueled by special crystals, each lasting an hour of flight time, can hold 3.

Driving Check
Pilot – as Fly +10 to the DC;

Forward Facing
Shorter side of the cross-shaped frame;

Driving Device

Driving Space
Square of the cross-section of the frame;

1 (Pilot)


Decks: 1

Passengers: 1 (Pilot)

The frame can hold up to 2 full saddlebags, without impedement to its agility and speed.
The frame can hold a total of 4 full saddlebags, while operating at half speed and agility (reduce related bonuses accordingly).

Alternatively, the frame can fit one extra Medium-sized person behind the Pilot, in place of its saddlebags, as a passenger.
The passenger must succeed a Reflex save with the same DC as the Pilot’s Driving Check, in order to maintain their seating while the glider is moving.
On a failed save, the passenger falls off the glider. The Pilot may attempt to grab hold of the passenger, if they notice them falling (Perception DC 20), whereby they need to pass a DC 20 Reflex save, but end their turn’s movement immediately.

Weapons & Ship Hardpoints

Finally, as a small bonus, a few steampunk-y weapon assets intended to be used with the “Rasputin Must Die!” module for Pathfinder.


You can find the full-sized assets in our newly-minted…

Interested in the assets that BananaDealer used to create these? You can download them below:

Check out our complete gallery of maps & assets here →

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