Colossal Creatures – Rules for Climbing on Larger Creatures

Interested in rules for climbing and slaying colossal creatures? That’s what my personal campaign’s all about, and here are the rules that I use.

Ross McConnell

The Xenoforming of Walpurgia

Welcome to Walpurgia, a system-neutral adventure setting designed to introduce a splash of sci-fi into a fantasy campaign.


BananaDealer’s Pathfinder Steampunk Airships – The Dealership

Three airship maps – with thoroughly detailed Pathfinder stats for each – plus three steampunk weapon assets fit to destroy them, courtesy of BananaDealer.

Ross McConnell

A New Printing Guide!

In all my recent adventures on reddit, I have found myself needing a concise printing guide not only to explain how it’s done, but to show off the customization options.

Ross McConnell