Overnight this lake’s water has drained away, revealing an ominous stone pillar…


What could be its cause? A rift to another plane? A sorcerer seeking the monolith’s power? A powerful tornado whisking the water away and dumping fish and frogs on a nearby town?

Regardless of where the water went, there are probably some dishevelled lake-dwelling creatures left behind. Hiding in the rings of lakeweed may lie crocodiles, sahuagin, giant snakes, and all manner of nasty surprises. Not to mention, what horrors might the monolith be calling forth? Undead, demons, djinn, or worse?

I’d love to hear your encounter ideas in the comments!



Patrons also gain access to this watery shallows version, which may also double as a swamp? Enjoy!


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Published: September 23, 2017
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