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An awakened jack-o’-lantern is on a ravenous warpath – can it be stopped before it burns down the windmill? (Skip to the downloads)

What follows is a “system-neutral” encounter, meaning it is not set up with any particular ruleset or level range in mind. Instead, I leave it to you to improvise this Horror’s stats, attack and damage rolls, and the setting in which it all takes place.

Updated for the Halloween of 2020.

The tides of magic swell during the harvest season, and are occasionally known to awaken plants and objects seemingly at random. This year they washed over the pride of a certain ambitious farmer; a bulbous, cart-sized pumpkin.

In the dead of night a deranged face opened on its orange skin. At the same moment, roots sprung forth from its base as if a dam had burst, collecting material from its surroundings and twisting into a gargantuan body that dwarfed the nearby farmhouse. Finally, the cruel face of the pumpkin was illuminated by a swirling, angry fire.

A ravenous hunger also ignited in it, a hunger that drove it to consume anything that burns. It strode on gnarled, trunk-like legs into the farmlands, heaping hay bales, carts and cattle into its burning maw.

Helpless to stop its destructive path towards their precious windmill, the townsfolk desperately seek heroes. Who can stop this Harvest Horror ?


A titanic golem of earth and debris bound up by roots and crowned with a blazing pumpkin-head.

  • GNARLED SLAM : deals simple, significant bludgeoning damage to a foe.
  • SEED SPIT : spits seeds which magically grow into pumpkin fiends/bombs.
  • FIRE GOUT : deals fire damage and covers an area in persistent fire.
  • CONSUME : a grappled foe is trapped in the furnace-like mouth till it escapes.
  • BURNING HEART : fire damage is sucked into its maw, healing it.


Scarecrow-like golems with Jack-o-lantern heads, animated by the fiery will of the Harvest Horror.

  • FIERY HEADBUT : bludgeons the foe with its fire-filled face, dealing mixed damage.
  • VOMIT PULP : boiling, sticky pulp is spat to slow a running foe.
  • BURNS HOT : If set alight by any fire damage, will grapple and burn its foe.


Pumpkins that are mundane in appearance, but contain a nefarious surprise.

  • ENSNARE : vines attempt to grapple and reel a foe into range of its explosion.
  • EXPLODE : if a foe steps within range the mine instantly explodes.


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  1. So is this just for use with any system basically? These are really cool and was just curious if was for a particular system or not

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Published: October 29, 2020

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