Ten classic Halloween monsters to haunt your player characters this spooky season!

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We have classic undead such as vampires, skeletons, and a zombie. We have the exotic mummy and a humorous ghost. Along the same line, a wicked witch and a pumpkin beholder! Though made with Halloween in mind, all of these (with the possible exception of the pumpkin beholder) will also serve as great foes in any month of the year.

Never fear, for I do realize that a single zombie and skeleton token is scarcely enough for a good horde. There will be many more to come once my planned Undead Monster Tokens pack is complete. For now, I hope you enjoy these archetypes.

I hope that you like these! Let me know what your plans are for them, and I hope that you are eager to see the mummy’s companion map soon. Till then!

Woodside’s walls once represented a bastion against external wars and would-be conquerors. Now, they are a prison. A beast stalks the streets and rooftops, savagely attacking anyone foolish enough to wander alone. The long nights are punctuated by screams of terror and each dawn reveals new victims. Paranoia and hostility are thriving in the desperate populace. The beast cannot be overpowered, but perhaps it could be found during the day in a weaker, human form?
→ Our Woodside town map

Sir Vampire
The train seems to slow as it enters the mountain tunnels. Only those nearest the front can make out the dwindling engine sounds amid the darkness. Slowly, whispers spread backward. Anxious passengers fidget and prepare to move as the lights suddenly flicker and dim. A wave of darkness pulses through the carriages, leaving behind a pale, cloaked man: Count Dumont. He and his wife are now in control of the train, and it is time to make an example of several passengers.
→ Our Passenger Cars battle maps

Madame Vampire
Countess Dumont is happy to leave her husband to feed on some of the richer, drunker passengers. She will make for their true goal, assisted by thralls that she leaves to guard each carriage. At the back of the train is a collection of ritual texts. They are said to hold the secrets of powerful eclipse spells, bound for the Inquisition Vaults. But with the train stationary and under attack, they will not be reaching their destination. That is unless someone can stop the vampires and restart the engine.
→ Our Cargo Cars battle maps

A small, forested cemetery is tended by zombies and other corporeal undead. They are those who are buried there, cursed to remain animated but unable to leave the grove. The party’s journey has them needing to procure a trinket buried in one of the graves. Attempting to take anything will find the undead sternly disagreeing.
→ Our Silent, Snowy Cemetery battle map

Pumpkin Beholder
The town of Augayoa was founded above the ruins of a beholder, felled by ancient heroes. Though the monetary gains of the dungeon ran dry, some lingering magic remained in the dreams of the inhabitants. It took generations, but the consciousness remained. With only farmers now sustaining the town, the materials left to reform its physical body were… limited. It took what it could from the fields and was reborn. Augayoa is now empty, save for the monster and its spreading roots, filling the streets and animating corpses.
→ A suitable town map for Augayoa

Finally, the adventurers have passed the traps and defeated the guardians. Or so they think. Hills of gold and treasure stand before them, glittering in amber shine. Atop one of the mounds is a table, set with four chairs. A group of skeletons, clean but animated, turn from their card game to see the intruders. They are happy to have new additions, explaining that only the vault’s master can leave. Any others are trapped, incapable of truly dying. One of them secretly is the master, creator of the enchantment, but has no plans on revealing its identity.
→ Our collection of Treasure Assets

Robed Skeleton
A great beast lies entombed in ice below a temple dedicated to its imprisonment. Disturbing news of a mage seeking to release the creature has brought the party to the temple. The halls drain heat from their bodies, threatening to add them to the many frozen corpses. Their opponent does not feel the constricting cold, owing to not having nerves… or blood, muscles, or organs. The skeleton mage is immune and will soon reach the inner chamber.
→ Our Ice Temple battle map

The playful ghost of a young child drifts through town, scaring farmers and workers for several nights. Eventually, it finds its way to the party’s room, phasing through the floor and causing the torchlight to fade. The specter speaks in distant whispers from beneath an ivory veil. It begs for help. A necromancer has found the nearby cemetery, summoning the spirits and bodies to rise and join a growing force.
→ Our classic Cemetery battle map

A witch streaks through the air atop her flying broom, dropping a shower of candies and sweets upon the town. Parents scramble to prevent their children from eating them. Who knows what kind of enchantment or poison fills the sugary delights? They are correct… mostly. The treats contain a counter-enchantment against a rival hag’s poisoning of the village well. Any child that does not eat will be compelled in their sleep to seek and enter a mysterious, whispering pit in the nearby mangroves.
→ A Mysterious Mangrove battle map

Long ago, the custom of binding corpses in enchanted fabric served to prevent them from rising. It was reserved for powerful and terrible mages, in the event that they attempted to remain beyond their deaths. It worked, but the bandages now decay. A sorcerer of ages past rouses in his crypt, his magic defiling the atmosphere and area around him. He must be stopped, but the necrotic haze protects him and damaging the bandages only returns more of his power.
→ We’re working on a Desert Tomb map right now!

– by Troy McConnell
More content by Troy

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