Don Garey has kindly shared some snapshots from the series of adventures he has run for his kids, exercising their imaginations and teaching them the virtues of heroic characters!

Allow him to tell their tales…

Don Garey's Printed Maps - 1
The Unicorn Sorceress, Mary; and her brave Minotaur Pirate friend Buckley seek an ancient wizard to identify a mysterious magical gem.
Don Garey's Printed Maps - 4
After selling their magical gem to a wizard with great wealth; they set out to build their own Galleon!
Don Garey's Printed Maps - 5
In this one-shot, the warm blooded kingdom celebrated peace with the cold-blooded kingdom until festivities were brought to an abrupt halt by a full on siege against the castle…

Don Garey's Printed Maps - 3
…Each member of the royal guard had a piece of intel that could help turn the tide of battle. Some shared and worked together, some used their info privately, disappearing from the crowd and quickly regretted their actions. In the end, the sun rested castle decimated by the battle. Victory was bittersweet.
Don Garey's Printed Maps - 2
Brody the Brave set out on a mission by order of the King to bring water back the river that supplied the kingdom.
Don Garey's Printed Maps - 6
The market had lots of interesting individuals and drama for these kids’ first series of social dilemmas. They made their DM (dad) proud by choosing to do the right thing and standing up for people who were cheated. Even after being cheated themselves, they set out to help the one who thought wrongdoing was the only way to make ends meet.

I love your stuff! You have permission to use the included photos and messages as you see fit.

Don Garey

Thank you for sharing your stories with us, Don and family! I’m so happy to help – in my small way – make games like these possible. Keep on adventuring and having fun!

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Published: April 13, 2020

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