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A few weeks ago an email landed in my inbox. It was from Taylor, one of the “Guildmasters” of Adventurer’s Coffee Co., a small-batch coffee roastery with a fantasy spin that started its adventure in October of 2019. Perhaps they took the term “homebrew” too literally? If so, we’re glad for it!

“Adventurer’s Coffee Co. started with a bad cup of coffee, and a drive to do it better.”
Who We Are – Adventurer’s Coffee Co.

Taylor uses our art and resources in his own homebrew D&D game, and he wanted to create a sort of alliance between our two fantasy-RPG-related passion projects. Perhaps he saw my videos where I’m always sipping coffee? Well, on purpose or by chance, he had found the key to my heart.

Now, here at 2-Minute Tabletop we like to stick to what we’re good at – tabletop art and resources – and I am always very careful not to dilute that with sponsorship deals and affiliates and advertising and all that other fluff. When I make an exception, it’s for things that I personally believe in.

Fortunately, Taylor and I were on the same page, and he sent us a generous sample of their different blends. Seeing as I live in Australia on the other side of the globe, we sent that sample to our resident Token Artist, David; a fellow coffee-lover, and well-deserving of some coffee after so many hours making so many tokens.

Here’s what David (and wife) had to say after they had time to enjoy each blend…

David Wilson

David Wilson, Token Artist

Adventurer’s Coffee is definitely my new favorite coffee, and frankly its a league beyond anything I’ve had before! The beautiful packaging perfectly captures the gentle and smooth flavors that conjure the spirit of creativity and curiosity in me.

For myself, the Ragnaroast was perfection, with its silky drink-ability. I treasured the aromas and soaked in the energy as I prepared for my Tabletop sessions. There is a sense of freshness with the Ragnaroast that I had been longing for. Seattle has no shortage of burnt tasting coffee, and this was exactly what I was missing.

My wife who prefers darker roasts was skeptical at first that the Dungeons and Dark Roast wouldn’t be dark enough for her, but sure enough the coffee was bold and rich, and yet still flavorful in a way other dark roasts fail to be.

I sincerely hope all the coffee drinkers reading this will give it a try! Now excuse me while I order some more coffee.

I think that David perfectly captured the main appeal beyond a good cup of coffee, and that is a cup of coffee that “conjures the spirit of creativity and curiosity.”

Perhaps that seems much too poetic for a hot drink! But, at least for us, we love nothing more than immersing ourselves completely in our fantasy games with whatever prop or tool we can get our hands on. That passion is what brought our art into the world, and perhaps some coffee can take it a step further.

The Promotion

At last, the part of the article that tells you how to get your hands on some coffee! Sorry, it’s been a wordy morning.

Coupon code: 2MINTABLETOP

This coupon code will grant you 10% off what you find in the Adventurer’s Coffee Co. Store and will grant us a generous royalty in turn. Thank you! There you will find all sorts of goodies for yourself or your loved ones…

  • Coffee!
  • Gift cards
  • Pins and buttons
  • Other fun trinkets
Coffee store preview

We’d like your honest feedback, too. Please leave a comment below and let future readers know your experience with Adventurer’s Coffee Co. They’ve been very generous by sending us their full range to sample and allowing us to create whatever sort of article we like in response, but ultimately your feedback will make it all the better!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this little meander across the web. Next up, more large-scale maps! If you’d like to be notified, you can…

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  1. I Love Your Work Ross!!
    Your Work is Fabulous Ross!! Bravo!! ((THUNDEROUS CLAPPING))
    Keep Up the Awesome Work Ross!!
    Ross You Have an Eye for Details.. Thank You!!
    Ross It's the Little Things that Matter Sometimes On a Map..
    I've been DMing for 33 years now Ross (currently no group <sad face>) I continue to gather materials in case I can locate another group to play with again because I Love the Game and nothing else to do. LoL
    Ross Your Maps are Absolutely Fantastic!!

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Published: July 6, 2021

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