In the same vein as our recent Dungeon Room Builder, with this pack you can build your very own hand-drawn caverns!

Cave Room Builder, demonstration cavern banner


I also have a cave-themed tokens pack cooking, so you will soon be able to fill in your caves with stalagmites, mushrooms, and other clutter. In the meantime, I recommend the Dungeon Trap Tokens. And, of course, the Cave Tunnels are also compatible.

This pack also includes a Cave-Dungeon adaptor, so you can now go nuts with the whole dungeon set. I look forward to seeing your creations!



Creative Commons LicenseThis work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License, thanks to our generous supporters. If you would like to use this map commercially, please contact me 🙂

These pieces are free to download thanks to Patreon supporters such as:

Owen Eli Cook, Patrick O’Hagan, Nicholas O’Sullivan, Sam Wise, Jain Deaux, Dantemagnum, Brian Barron, Matt C. @mc_momo, Ryan Littlefield, Cansin Akcasoy, James Ball, Joshua Renz, Jeff Sorensen @DelugeIA, Austin Auclair, Glenn, eddy zrout, Rhea, dmslayer, Håkon Eirik Grønlien, Chris Logan, Joel McKinnon @joeliemckinnon, Rickard Thernlund, Matthew Kammes, Julien Therrien, Wilhelm Lehnhardt @3mporio, Poptard, Felix Jongleur, Stephon Mikell, Cory Trego-Erdner, m00am, Tyler Crompton, FreedomXIII, Sam Mean Man, RoninDude, Tiana, Dawnbright., Jake Raiju, Peter Fox, Ronin, Edwin Bryer, Tad Bumcrot, spookyrumba @spookyrumba, Bruce McDonald, Ty Hajduk, Allin Knight, evilhomer10 @evilhomer10, Malcolm Ross, Justin Hunter, Tyrian @its_tyrian, Maps-4-Snacks, Caleb Longshanks Lee, Jonathan Petersen, drag drag, Brittany Cole, Stephen Perkins, Jamieson Mockel, Calvin Clark, Zachary Robinson, Capela, Ryan, Jens Nielsen, Jeanette OB, Danny Mendoza @dannyrmendoza, Joel Quadko McIntyre, Arcknight @arcknightgames, LeK’s Play @leksplay00, Jordan Baker, Amanda Fensch, Justin Foster, Miles Grubbs, Todd Azbill, Zachariah Bazeley, Jonas Kotyra, yumpy @yumpyboi, Aidan G, Evan Carothers, Taylor Worthington, Robert Cater, Ian Sheridan @iansheridan, Kristina Coker, Benjamin Busseniers, Maciej Stachowiak, 대겸 김, Annie, Ievgen Kharabet, Dustin K. Miller @geonerd, Maxime Durocher, Living Dungeons and Maps, Wim, Winona Bandong, Chromagraphe, Gabe Barrett @BGDesignLab, Joshua Stewart, Joe Brooks, N. Alexandre, Bill Underwood, Mike Elston, Felix L Gregorcyk, Cristian, Nick Fraker @ikaruwa, GG Kitty @GoodGameKitty, Michael Leimenmeier, Christopher Dean Verry, Ian Rawley, Seyren Windsor, Darwhin Torres, Jonathan Climas, Blair, and all my other wonderful Patrons!


  • Cave Room Builder, demonstration cavern pieces

    Cave Room Builder

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Published: July 27, 2018
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