It’s time for another set piece! This time it’s a book filled, purple-carpeted Wizard’s Tower!



This is a cramped map, with most rooms offering only 5-8 clear tiles, so have your squeeze and close combat rules handy!

It might make for a fun low-level quest, where the local wizard has gone missing and the players must investigate his home. Goblins – or another suitable nuisance with group bonuses – have taken advantage of the open guest room and food-stocked basement. Up the stairs await a number of arcane traps left by the tower’s old denizen, including an animated suit of armor guarding his teleportation circle. Further still up the spiraling steps is his bedroom, where a priceless telescope is pointed out the window and a mysterious chest sits against the wall. I’m sure it’s trapped too!

Let me know what plot hooks, encounters and traps you can come up with in the comments!



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These 2-Minute Maps come with several grid and color options (even more than pictured above) with printable PDFs and virtual table top JPGs all included.


The Wizard’s Tower

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  1. This map will be attached to a dungeon. At the lowest level, a lonely wizard is summoning demons and releasing them into a dungeon. On highest level resides a succubus who has charmed poor guy and intends to keep him summoning demons as long as he is able.

    After he will be spent, she will kill him.

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Published: February 15, 2017
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