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This irradiated map adds an extra sickly glow to Rootyful’s normally healthy and vibrant-looking Sacred Spring battle map, and is a free variant now available in the existing download package!

For fans of post-apocalyptic settings like Fallout, this map variant injects a toxic twist into the serene beauty of the sacred spring. Imagine the strategic possibilities as your players navigate a radioactive wasteland! But beware – the map’s hazardous environment should inspire caution, or perhaps even a quest to cleanse the spring and restore its former glory..?

Every great forest can surely use a little corruption in need of cleansing >:) This map offers numerous tangents such as… what happens if a player touches or bathes in the radioactive pool? What kind of dangers exist on their journey to find it? These are the things we happily leave to the experts, you!

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Have you claimed this pack before? Simply re-download the ‘Master ZIP’ or ‘Volume 7’ from your Downloads page or downloads email. Otherwise, you can claim it in one of the packs below…

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I help Ross with a chunk of the background work so he has more time for the part he loves, the artwork! When I'm not doing that, I'm working on my own maps & articles to assist you in your worldbuilding. :)

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