A confusing maze of tall, impenetrable hedges. Just how long will it take your party to reach their goal?

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Vladir’s newest creation is this living maze, a popular map request we’ve received over the past few years that proved to be a beautiful map in their capable hands.

How exactly you run this is up to you, but I suggest making the most of your VTT’s ‘fog of war’ and/or ‘line of sight’ features and letting your players get properly lost! Mix in a few encounters to break their concentration and you’ve probably got a good few sessions taken care of. 😉

I suggest hiding more than one goal amidst the hedges so that, even if your adventurers get lucky, the whole puzzle isn’t undone all at once. Likewise, a few roaming monsters might be a good way to mix things up – and to that end we’ve included three new minotaur in the downloads!

We hope that you enjoy – and please share your ideas and experiences in the comments!

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