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This town map ties together the maps I have drawn while travelling Japan; the Island Crossing and Plateau, Shrine Essentials, Rock Garden & Tea House, and East Bridge. In my campaign, this town is called Hyakushima:


War and piracy has disrupted the trade routes in the north, and now more and more merchants are opting to sail through the “hundred island coast”. Due to all this wealthy sea traffic, Hyakushima has grown quite suddenly from a village into a blossoming port. West of the river, a number of merchants have moved in permanently, where they are investing heavily in the port and market.

Coin attracts more than wealthy opportunists though, and the once lonely town now sees its fair share of undesirables. Sailors, thieves, and cowled figures roam about in the night. It’s no wonder that the wealthy folk have erected a wall around their new neighborhood, what with all the tales of “bridge brawls,” tea house drug dens,  and angry shrine spirits.

Only a handful of people have lived here for more than a generation, and they worry for their rapidly changing home. Few in number and better suited to fishing and farming than diplomacy and police-work, they hope for a few experienced travelers to help them find security.



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  1. Do you hand draw these and make then in photoshop, or what other software do you use and do you use a drawing tablet if so what brand and model. I really likes your map and just want to learn more about it.

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Published: January 23, 2017
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