David’s Prints

Unwelcome guests at the Trusty Tavern
Unwelcome guests at the Trusty Tavern

David recently tweeted me his quality prints of the Blacksmith and Trusty Tavern, and I just had to share them here.

The Blacksmith sees some action
The Blacksmith sees some action

Each map is printed at the store and glued to cardboard before being touched up with a black marker around the edges and reinforced with clear tape.

They pack up nicely, too!
They pack up nicely, too!

If you like David’s style, he keeps a blog over at http://sonidzero.tumblr.com/ and will soon be uploading D&D podcasts. I recommend you check it out!



Justin’s Game

Autumn Stream Roll20

Hi all! I’m finally beginning the Maps In Action gallery, a place where 2-Minute map users can show off their screenshots and photos and I can gain insight into how you are all using them.

If YOU have any images of our maps in use, please send them my way!

Image 2

Justin from Guard Frequency has been running a campaign following a group of goblins hunting down young dragons to absorb their powers. On the road to the “big bad”, they find themselves passing through a few familiar locations!

Image 3

You can check out Justin’s stream on Guardfreq’s Twitch channel, or download the featured maps below:


The Delightful Dwelling

[page_section image=’http://2minutetabletop.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/Delightful-Dwelling.jpg’ textstyle=’light’ position=’top’ padding_top=’on’ padding_bottom=’on’][blank_space height=’22em’][/page_section]Another modular building, further increasing the possible combinations with the existing set pieces!

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My Next Series

Blacksmith battle map

Today’s battle map is The Blacksmith, a modular two story building with an exterior workspace, interior shop, living area and roofing. There’s even space for a basement!

Here is a quick demonstration on Roll20, showing the different layers in action:


This is the first set piece in my new series, which will be a collection of modular buildings with several compatible roof, basement, interior and exterior options, meaning you can construct a huge number of unique buildings from just a few pieces!


You can look forward to seeing an alchemist, general goods store, and plenty of housing options in the weeks to come.

The Blacksmith battle map is available for just a dollar.

[thrive_megabutton mt=”DOWNLOAD” st=”The Blacksmith” color=”red” link=”http://2minutetabletop.com/index.php/product/blacksmith/” target=”_self” align=”aligncenter”]

The Abandoned Quarry

The new episode of The Walking Dead inspired this one. Feel free to fill it with anything you want though, not just zombies!
[page_section image=’http://2minutetabletop.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/Abandoned-Quarry-2.jpg’ textstyle=’light’ position=’default’ padding_bottom=”on”] [/page_section]

In fact, I only called it “abandoned” for fun. You can slap a set piece building in the parking lot and have it functioning perfectly. Likewise, the ominous glow at the cave mouth could be raging hellfire, or merely a particularly enthusiastic lanturn! Go wild, or not.

You can download the Abandoned Quarry battle map completely FREE.

[thrive_megabutton mt=”DOWNLOAD” st=”The Abandoned Quarry” color=”red” link=”http://2minutetabletop.com/index.php/product/abandoned-quarry/” target=”_self” align=”aligncenter”]

The Hallowed Hall

A few weeks ago, Reynold the paladin and his comrades Walter and Victor found themselves in a sprawling grimdark cityscape with no friends and many enemies.

Luckily, Reynold is a paladin of the Silver Lady, and knew of a small temple in the area built long ago, even before the land was covered in cobble and haze. Navigating the web of cramped streets, they found their way to the tiny relic, now decrepit and tended to by an equally decrepit caretaker.

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