These great towers stand at each corner of the castle walls, daring besiegers to enter their range.



This tile set contains three levels of tower and four levels of stairwell, as well as the windows, arrowslits and passageways you’ll need to move and shoot through. I’ve also included a three-level interior gate, for the places where an 18×13 Gatehouse isn’t needed!

Coming soon, the luxurious inner keep, a comprehensive furniture pack, and an exciting siege weapons collection. I can’t wait to build some prefabs for you all!



Creative Commons LicenseThis work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License, thanks to our generous supporters. If you would like to use this map commercially, please contact me 🙂

This tower is FREE to use thanks to:

Owen Eli Cook, Matthew Southall, Patrick O’Hagan, Michael Scartaccini, Simon Lawes, Michael Pace, Andreas Pagitz, Sam Wise, Nicholas O’Sullivan, Joe Needles @Hi_Average_Joe, Dantemagnum, Jelle, Brian Barron, Michael Reading, David Parks, Jeff Sorensen, D. Hunt @CanjeStudios, D&D Adventure League North OC, Steven Van Cauteren, Javier Tellez, Charles Harris, Ryan Littlefield, charliefewsmith, Ron, Adam Brennan @FishIsTwonk, Gilwainmok, Jackobi Forsyth, Bruno Jutras, Cansin Akcasoy, Ingjald Pilskog, James Ball, Stephanie Novak, Joshua Renz, Bernardo Vinicius, Austin Auclair, Adam Henderson, Taber, Glenn, Tristan, Juan Pablo, Matthew Kammes, superducky, Rickard Thernlund, Alex Swanson, Pedro Ferrández Selva, FableButt @FableButt, eddy zrout, matt holmberg, Sara King, Randy Oest @amazingrando, Rhea, Stephen Lennon, Alex Swanson, superducky, Juan Pablo, Violet, FableButt @FableButt, eddy zrout, Jack Rayner, William Hamilton, Sam Jordan, Richard StDenis, Rhea, matt holmberg, Stephen Lennon, Riley Grycewicz, John Stone, and all my other wonderful Patrons!

The Castle Tower

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Published: April 7, 2017
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