The Cavern Mouth

The first map in my largest battle map set yet, the mouth of a great cavern.

How To Draw Grass

Drawing grass from a top-down perspective takes a little thought to avoid a blank sheet of paper, or a time-consuming mess of hatches. This guide falls somewhere in the middle – a happy medium, if you will!

The Tropical Island

The perfect place to shipwreck or bury your treasures, the tiny Tropical Island.

The Wooden Watchtower

Every flavor of timber-made tower in one convenient package!

How To Draw Rubble

How to fill your map with difficult terrain and annoy your players!

This Week’s Rescans

I’m getting back into the swing of my rescan project after a long hiatus, and here are this week’s maps.

The Forest Road

A narrow road winds through dense fir woods. Moss and grass abound. Elves too, I’d bet.

The Halfway Camp

The town is still a ways off. Ride into the dark, or risk a night in the wild?

How To Draw Trees (Pt.1/3)

The first and simplest way I draw common trees, the cross section approach, as seen in the Jungle Stream.

The Damp Mine Exterior

Today I drew a mine’s entrance battle map, well and truly ready for goblin occupation!

How To Draw Elevation

A guide to the three ways I draw elevation on my battle maps; ridges, slopes and cliffs.

Jake’s Table Top City (Part 1)

Jake thought up and funded much of the modular buildings set, and kindly sent me this write up of his city-in-progress. He’s got a lot of great tips and an excellent concept, and I’m itching to see the finished product!

How To Draw a Palm Tree

Welcome to the first episode of my new project! These “How To Draw” videos are made for Dungeon Masters or mapping enthusiasts who are curious about my method.

The Damp Mine

Mind your step in the damp tunnels of today’s battle map!

The Churning Sea

Take to the high sea with this rather stylized rendition of ocean waves!

The Rice Paddy

Today’s map makes a fine campsite or setting for a modular building.

The Pirate’s Cove

Where there is sea and trade, there are pirates, and where there are pirates, there’s a lair.

The Icy Battle Site

No one can change the shape of a battlefield quite like a magic user.

Now on Pinterest!

I’m stretching my wings a little and starting up a Pinterest page.

The Country Road

Finally, a decent place to build those buildings!

Our First Step Into Roll20

It’s been a long time in the making, but our first official Roll20 map pack just hit the Marketplace!

The Druid’s Burrow

Wild, mystical and mushroom-y, today’s semi-modular building is the Druid’s Burrow.

Speed Drawing the Little Library

Watch the time lapsed inking of the Little Library sketch while listening to me ramble about maps and future videos.

The Little Library

Today’s cosy library is another set piece for the modular buildings set, crammed with bookshelves and ready for construction on your city street.

David’s Map Printing Method

David’s been refining his printing process since our last gallery post and has sent me a new batch of gorgeous images.

The Grassy Path

Today’s map is just begging for a random encounter…

The Jungle Stream Battle Map

Crawling, buzzing, squawking, rustling. Hiding any kind of beastie in its overgrowth. Today’s map is the Jungle Stream.

The Schooner Battle Map

Built with Out of the Abyss and my oriental campaign in mind, The Schooner is something between a keelboat and a Chinese junk. Whatever she may be, this compact ship is ready for your campaign, Underdark or nay.

David’s Prints

David recently tweeted me his quality prints of the Blacksmith and Trusty Tavern, and I just had to share them here. Each map is printed at the store and glued to cardboard before being touched up with a black marker around the edges and reinforced with clear tape. If you like David’s style, he keeps a […]

The Trusty Tavern Battle Map (Redone!)

In many ways, the Trusty Tavern is the father of the modular buildings set, and it deserved to be reworked to match the other building’s color scheme. It also lacked a roof… But now it can be properly assembled alongside the other buildings!

Justin’s Game

Hi all! I’m finally beginning the Maps In Action gallery, a place where 2-Minute map users can show off their screenshots and photos and I can gain insight into how you are all using them. If YOU have any images of our maps in use, please send them my way! Justin from Guard Frequency has […]

The Alchemist Battle Map

A modular battle map for the alchemist’s store and house. The basement cauldron and garden are perfect for brewing all manner of potions and poisons.

The Tranquil Temple Battle Map

Paired with the cemetery, you can run an interesting Halloween-themed session with this map. After all, what cemetery is without its restless undead at this time of year?

The Cursed Oak Battle Map

Today I tried out something a little different. Not only by drawing a tree which, as anyone who has dabbled in art can tell you, is a trial by itself, but I also shifted the perspective quite drastically.