The Furniture Map Assets

Download my collection of 300+ hand-drawn furniture map assets packaged for Dungeondraft, virtual tabletop, and image editors like Photoshop.

Ross McConnell

Gone Shockingly Awry – Lightning Elemental Encounter for 5e

Shock your players with the custom-made lightning elemental and a wizard tower encounter that features it. Can they defeat this new foe?

Troy McConnell

Lightning Spell & Breath Weapon Templates

Lightning spell and breath weapon templates such as cones, lines, and other area of effect graphics. Built for Roll20 and similar VTTs.

Ross McConnell

AoE Templates for Common 5e Fire Spells

Dragon-kin and spellcasters rejoice, the first spell assets pack is here and it’s fire-themed!

Ross McConnell

The GLOWING CRATER Battle Map & Encounter

This free glowing crater battle map and encounter is brought to you by Ross and Troy! Printable and digital files so you can be ready in 2 minutes…

Ross McConnell