Shrine Essentials


This map & token pack contains a small and medium shrine, as well as 34 accompanying tokens.

The Shrine Essentials are designed for easy use on Roll20, but the PNGs should work in any virtual setup. You will also receive a PDF, in case you wish to print and cut out these props.

This package contains:

  • A printable PDF, in color and black & white versions, with the following grid options:
    • Gridless
    • Square, black, white or blurred
    • Hexagonal, black, white or blurred
  • 37 shrine-themed tokens and maps, colored, layered, and in a format optimized for Roll20 and other virtual table tops

To see how the grid options are applied, check out our Printing Guide
Likewise, for a how-to on set piece assembly, here’s a link to our Assembly Tips