Monster Bone Map Assets Pack


Spooky scary skeletons galore in this massive bone assets pack, also featuring a daunting 32×22 boneyard battle map, with 8 variations!

This Patron Pack contains content that was originally created as rewards for our patrons, but is also made available here as a one-off purchase by popular request. Inside you will find:

  • 4 battle maps, each 32×22 with dry and flooded map variants:
    • Pit. Giant bones lay still in a deep, dark pit.
    • Desert. The sun has bleached these bones dry.
    • Glacier. Bones scattered throughout glacial blue ice.
    • Forest. Dragon bones lay forgotten in a deep, forested place.
  • 202 map assets depicting the bones of multiple enormous creatures including dragons, tarrasques, and giants.

The battle maps come packaged as:

  • 72 DPI JPGs designed for virtual tabletops such as Roll20 and Foundry VTT.
  • 300 DPI JPGs designed to print with almost any hardware.
    Refer to our Printing Guide for instructions and more information.

The map assets come packaged as:

  • 72 DPI versions optimized for virtual tabletops.
  • 300 DPI versions designed for print.


Monster Bone Map Assets Battle Map - Variants Preview Extended