Living Depths Pt.1 Pack


This sprawling fleshy dungeon is filled with all kinds of squeamishly gory pulsating bits & pieces. With 4 meaty hive variants to make your players squirm!

This Patron Pack contains content that was originally created as rewards for our patrons, but is also made available here as a one-off purchase by popular request. Inside you will find:

  • 4 battle maps, each 61×36 with light and dark map variants:
    • Corrupted. A fleshy growth creeps steadily over the tunnel walls
    • Alien. Glowing fungal growths light the caverns an eerie green
    • Organic. The very walls seem soft and warm to the touch…
    • Rotting. These living tunnels have perished, and now contain only rot and miasma
  • 341 map assets depicting fleshy textures, meaty piles, and other disconcerting decorations.

The battle maps come packaged as:

  • 72 DPI JPGs designed for virtual tabletops such as Roll20 and Foundry VTT.
  • 150 DPI JPGs designed to print with almost any hardware.
    Refer to our Printing Guide for instructions and more information.

The map assets come packaged as:

  • Dungeondraft pack – See our Dungeondraft guide for more information.
  • 72 DPI PNG versions optimized for virtual tabletops.
  • 150 DPI PNG versions designed for print.
  • 300 DPI WebP versions designed for print.


Living Depths Pt.1 battle map - Variants preview extended