Forest Camp Pack


A 44×32 battle map of a campsite deep in the forest, with map variants for dark, sunny, nighttime, and winter scenes (and 100 bonus assets!)

This Patron Pack contains content that was originally created as rewards for our patrons, but is also made available here as a one-off purchase by popular request. Inside you will find:

  • 4 battle maps, each 44×32 with occupied and vacant map variants:
    • Dark. A tall canopy casts a gloomy light over the camp.
    • Night. A cool night is held at bay by three energetic campfires.
    • Sunny. Light pours through the canopy to warm the campers below.
    • Winter. A thin layer of snow punctuates a brown, wintry forest.
  • 100 map assets depicting camp gear, trees, bushes, and ground textures.

The battle maps come packaged as:

  • 70 DPI JPGs designed for virtual tabletops such as Roll20 and Foundry VTT.
  • 300 DPI JPGs designed to print with almost any hardware.
    Refer to our Printing Guide for instructions and more information.

The map assets come packaged as:

  • Dungeondraft pack – See our Dungeondraft guide for more information.
  • 70 DPI versions optimized for virtual tabletops.
  • 300 DPI versions designed for print.


Forest Camp battle map - Variants preview extended