Australian Billabong Pack


RPG maps and assets of an iconic Australian setting. Inside the download there are battle maps ready for Roll20 and PDFs for printing.

These rewards are created for our Patrons, but are made available here for individual purchase by popular request. You can also access these (and four exclusive night-time variants) by joining our Patron.

Inside your download:

  • 16 unique assets from the Australian Billabong, ready for Photoshop, Roll20, or Fantasy Grounds.
  • The base map plus the Autumn, Birch Wood, and Ginkgo Grove map variants.

For each map variant, you will find:

  • PDFs, which prints on four US Letter or A4 sheets or a single A2 sheet.
    • Several square and hexagonal grid layer options.
  • A JPG, suitable for Roll20, Fantasy Grounds, or another virtual tabletop.

For instructions on grid and color options and how to print these maps, check out our Printing Guide.