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My complete collection of maps and assets created in the year 2018.


This year was a real turning point for me! 2-Minute Tabletop became my full-time project, I met my partner, and I spent much of the year with her in Japan. I hope my happiness shines through in this year’s maps. 🙂

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  • Sale! Everything Pack Temporary Product Image

    The Everything Pack

  • Maps & Assets Volume 4 - Banner

    Maps & Assets Volume 4

  • Volcanic Forge RPG Battle Map, square grid

    Volcanic Forge

    PWYW: $1 or FREE $1.00
  • Town & City RPG Map Tokens, demo

    Wonderdraft Town & City Tokens Pt.1

    PWYW: $1 or FREE $1.00
  • Poacher's Crest RPG Town Map, preview

    Poacher’s Crest

    PWYW: $1 or FREE $1.00
  • Wonderdraft Map Icons, tokens

    Wonderdraft World Map Assets

    PWYW: $1 or FREE $1.00
  • Wei Continent RPG World Map, spring

    The Provinces of Wei

    PWYW: $1 or FREE $1.00
  • Underdark Terrain RPG Tokens, tokens

    Underdark Terrain Tokens

    PWYW: $1 or FREE $1.00
  • Buildings RPG battle maps, Preview

    Buildings Pack

    PWYW: $1 or FREE $1.00
  • Haunted Estate RPG battle map set

    The Haunted Estate Bundle

  • Haunted Garden RPG battle map, square grid

    Haunted Garden

    PWYW: $1 or FREE $1.00
  • Haunted Cellar RPG battle map, square grid

    Haunted Cellar

    PWYW: $1 or FREE $1.00
  • Mansion Furniture

    Mansion Furniture Tokens

    PWYW: $1 or FREE $1.00
  • Haunted Mansion (Furnished), floor 2

    Haunted Mansion (Furnished)

    PWYW: $1 or FREE $1.00
  • Haunted Mansion battle map, floor 2

    Haunted Mansion

    PWYW: $1 or FREE $1.00