Lethal fall damage – fun for the whole party!


My latest addition to the Dungeon Tileset are these two vertigo-inducing rooms, the Well and the Chasm.

Primarily, the Chasm offers a simple skill challenge to solve, and is the perfect thing to mix up a frantic escape sequence. The question is, where do those rushing waters lead for those who fall? To a deeper, darker, and more dangerous place, no doubt.

The Well makes for a fun hazard to fight around, giving grapplers an exciting place to put their foes. Of course, something monstrous lives down there too, waiting to snatch unsuspecting victims from above. Perhaps an entrapped aboleth, a leech swarm, or an aquatic mimic disguised as a glittering sword?

I’d love to hear about the encounters you plan – please share them in the comment section!



Patrons also get access to these extra deadly lava and acid variant maps. Enjoy!


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The Dungeon Well & Chasm

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Published: August 4, 2017
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