Twenty shiny new tokens, and our first pack of monsters to boot! It’s filled with Sahuagin, Kua Toa, cursed pirates, and other terrors of the depths. A great supplement for any DM running Ghosts of Saltmarsh, and a fun resource for everyone else!

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The maw opened, rings of jagged teeth flexing and spitting as the guttural voice boomed out.
“When the moon shines full, the surface world will drown and die. I will feast on body and soul, and the depths will retake what is owed.”
Randall’s head fell into his hands, skeletal fingers tracing his skull where hair once grew. He looked across the table. To his right floated a mass of tentacles and fangs twisting and contracting in the water.
“C’thgnilv’lthi, once again, the full moon is in three days. The sahuagin need a week to gather. So unless you want to wait another month to attack, we’re not going to be able to align with the moon phase.” The tentacles’ energy faded and slumped, disappointed. Around the table, sets of eyes glanced to fall upon the sahuagin general, Shalgan.
“Don’ blame ussss. ‘Ad to sssend guardsss to sstop crab ssscoutss.” Opposite him, two chitinous claws snapped threateningly above a large, armored shell. A collection of eyes, jet black beads on thin stalks, emerged from the shell’s opening. Telepathic speech pushed forth, piercing into the minds of those present.
“You can hardly place any blame on my people. Your tribe strayed far closer than I could allow. I sent scouts, not soldiers, and they were instructed only to-”
“STOP. Enough mind-speak!” The shark-kin slammed a thick fist into the table, sending splinters floating slowly upward. His head twitched and shook, easing the dull pain of the psychic intrusion.
Randall leaned back in his chair, brushing his seaweed shawl back behind his elbows. He crossed his bone arms, lifting one finger to scratch inquisitively at his jawbone. Life was easier when he was, well… alive.
“Has the Coven plotted the aboleth’s path yet?” In the corner of the room, a humanoid figure perched on a crate, cloaked in plant matter. One might mistake the form for a young girl which, Randall supposed, was the intention. Amongst familiar company, however, the hag allowed her dark grey skin and long, hungering grin to be seen. She smiled at Randall’s question, eyes widening and a long tongue snaking out between teeth.
“We Sisters will draw the beast out when necessary. We need only be given the word.”
“Good. And you, Korta? Are the sharks prepared?” The shark-kin looked up from massaging his temples.
“Training’ll be done in time. Got enough fer a good charge, plus a megalodon.”
“And about my personal reques-”
“Yes, we got ya one ta ride.”
“Thank you.”

The group sat in thought for a moment, each taking account of the night’s discussions. The water in the sunken chamber was still and uncomfortable. Content with the update and eager to break the silence, Randall spoke up.
“If that is everything, we can wrap up.” He scanned the room. Heads, skulls, tentacles, and eye stalks all nodded in agreement.
“Then we’ll reconvene in a week’s time to discuss numbers and positions. Thank you all for coming, and a special thanks to Shalgan for tonight’s snacks. Where did you find them? And what meat is this?”
“Merchant sssship. Dwarvesss I think.”

– by Troy McConnell
More content by Troy

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Published: June 24, 2019

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