Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I use your maps in my stream?

Sure! You are welcome to use my stuff in your stream so long as you satisfy the attribution clause of the license. This might be in the stream itself, in your Twitch panels, or in an obvious place in your YouTube description. It might look like one of these:

Battle maps from
Maps made with assets from
City map by

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Can I use your maps in my product?

If your product is also going to be released for free and under a creative commons license, please go ahead! You only need to provide attribution (a link to my website: https;/ where the map/assets appear.

If you’re working on a product you intend to sell or otherwise make money with, please contact me here! I often grant permission to fellow creators, it just depends on the product.

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Do you have any tips on how to draw better?

I do! I have a modest list of video tutorials that you can watch on my YouTube channel, with more coming soon™.

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How did you make those glossy set pieces, like in the buildings and schooner previews?

These were actually made by my friend David, who provided me with the photos. He was also kind enough to send a guide! You can read that here.

We also have a number of other community-submitted printing guides that you can browse in our Community Gallery.

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Do you take commissions?

Though I very grateful for your interest, I’m not taking commissions any more, sorry! If this changes, I will announce it on social media.

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How do I print these maps?

Please refer to our Printing Guide for everything printing related.

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