Cavern Alchemy Lab


At the end of the tiled hall stands a wooden wall and door not unlike the facade of a house on the surface. The unlocked door opens easily, and a well ordered interior stands neatly behind it. Dusty wooden furniture is placed around the compact, homely room. At the foot of a neat bed is an yawning trap door, where a wafting green vapor rises up and out.


This map was commissioned for the module Madness of the Rat King, by Tomer Abramovici, and may alternatively be purchased here.This package contains:
  • The pictured battle map, in color and black & white versions, with the following grid options:
    • Gridless
    • Square, black, white or blurred
    • Hexagonal, black, white or blurred
  • The pictured battlemap, colored and in a format optimized for Roll20 and other virtual table tops

To see how the grid options are applied, check out our Printing Guide Likewise, for a how-to on set piece assembly, here’s a link to our Assembly Tips