May I accept commissions for maps created with your assets?

Are you wondering if you can commission me to draw you a custom map, or other art? In that case, please head over to my page:
Do you take commissions or draw custom maps?

Are you interested in taking commissions to produce custom maps using 2-Minute Tabletop map assets and would like an exception to the CC BY-NC 4.0 License?

At this time, I am not making any exceptions to the license, so you will have to stick to assets you create yourself or any assets where the creator allows such use.

This applies to our entire collection; even if you have paid for a map or asset pack, it does not grant you any other license and you must adhere to the CC BY-NC 4.0 License however you use our content.

I always suggest that folk strike out with their own art style and assets if they want to make money from it – my assets are only intended for private use.

Please seriously consider investing the time into creating your own asset library. As an artist, one of your greatest assets will be your personal touch or style, and it will be something that you can use in any way you please and find immense pride in!

Best of luck to you. The more unique styles that come into the world the better, I say. 🙂