Free Map Pack

The Free Map Pack


A selection of 10 Free Maps for you to sample

The East Bridge

Better known by the cityfolk as the "Bloody Bridge," this is often the site where refined folk go to resolve their differences with a duel. Curiously, it is also a popular wedding venue.

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The Schooner

General Goods Store

Delightful Dwelling

Abandoned Quarry

Dragon's Lair Bridge

Snowy Road

Desert Ruins

Mountain Ravine

Autumn Stream

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Product Description

A sampling of our hand drawn maps and set pieces.

Each map comes with a JPG or PNG optimized for Roll20, as well as PDFs designed for printing in black & white or color, and with several grid options, including no grid at all!

  • To see how the grid options are applied, please refer to the Printing Guide
  • For a how-to on set piece assembly, please watch our Assembly Tips