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Autumn Stream

The narrow trail follows the edge of the snaking stream. At a crossroads lays a clearly sabotaged footbridge. There is a rustle. A number of wild looking men appear out of the long grass, grinning like foxes, their blades glinting.


Cave Hideout

After days of tracking, the party waits in hiding outside the bandit lair. The ranger grins and stows the crumpled bounty letter in his coat pocket. He signals to his companions. It's time.


Trade Port

Gulls soar on the salty wind and sailors haul fish and merchandise off their respective vessels. A man sways under the midday sun, a bottle raised to his lips. He saunters over, casts the bottle into the lapping water, and raises his fists. "I'll take all o' ya!"


Forest Guardian

The morning air is frosty and filled with birdsong. A slight, rythmic quake to the ground rouses the party. As they blink sleep from their eyes, the sound of splinterring twigs and squalshing mud joins the sensation. Leaves begin to fall from the trees and the ground begins to temble.

Japanese Warship

Men heave their oars in time with the drum, and the floating fortress surges onward. You peer through the slots in the hull and into a curtain of fog. You strain your senses and hear another drum. A horn sounds. A wall of wood topped in red banners appears out of the white, and grappling hooks clatter down on deck.


Meadow Falls

Snaking through the vast grasslands was a lone river. The party opened their empty waterskins and filled them in the cool presence of a tumbling waterfall. The water was pure and sweet.


Mountain Ravine

The party crosses the rickety bridge one by one, a rope strung between each member. With gritted teeth, the wizard crept across, planting her feet carefully on each rotted plank. An arrow thunks into the gnarled wood.


Roaring Falls

Fish team in the frothing pool, just out of reach. The party fills their waterskins and splashes their faces, wiping away the sweat of a day's hike. The mist of the falls wafts in the air, hiding a beast long forgotten.


Rocky Highlands

A low fog rolls down the hillside as the party marches down the unkempt road, squinting against the rising sun. Birds peep and scatter at their passing.



The graveyard perimeter fence barely contained them. Countless snapping skeletons stretching their impotent arms between the iron bars, ravenously clutching at the air, their hollow eye sockets trained on the party. The paladin twitched with excitement.


Sheer Plateau

A relentless wind sweeps over the plateau, laying the grass flat and cutting through the clothes of the party. Teeth chattering, they press onward, squinting in search of shelter. The wind howls ever louder. A shape begins to form.


Desert Ruins

The party huddles close to the crumbling wall as wind and sand whip around them. They squint, shuffle and grasp in search of the door. The fighter's hand finds the knob and he pushes it open. The group hurries inside and slams the door behind. The cutting sandstorm subsides.


Shingle Shore

Glacial waters lapped at the shore and umber grass whistled in the breeze. The party followed a winding game trail down to the water's edge and peered out over the expanse. Somewhere in there lurked their quarry.


Glowing Cavern

The party rowed carefully and quietly up the scarcely moving stream, deeper into the watery cave. The tunnel opened wide into an enormous cavern, dimly lit by an otherwordly glow.


Snowy Road

The party trudges on through muddy snow, clothes wrapped tightly. The sound of gurgling water cuts through the crisp air. A brook. They stop at the snow covered bridge and rest their weary feet, watching clumps of ice float lazily downstream. Something stirs underneath.


Obsidian Bridge


The immense obsidian bridge cracked and crumbled as the party inched their way across, one by one, clutching the taut rope. Duergar shouts echoed through the chamber as their persuers closed in. Still, better to take an arrow than plunge into the roiling magma below.


Humble Home

The lock clicks and the rogue grins. Under the veil of night, he eases the door open and peers inside. A curtain wavers in the breeze. The black-clad man slips inside and closes the door behind him. A cough echoes from upstairs.



Blue banners fluttered in the wind that day. They were red a week prior, and blue several months before that. The palisade stood since the beginning of that war, and their charred and splintered exterior was testament to the site's importance.


Hallowed Hall

The paladin pushes his weight against the towering doors, and they groan open. A fine dust clouds in the sunlight, and mice scatter squeeking. He steps into the musty hall and his gaze falls upon the hewn stone statue in the center of the room. It stands eternal, just as he remembered it.


Brackish Marsh

Your ears are assaulted by the hum of countless tiny wings and the chirps of a thousand frogs. The mirey earth clings to each step you take, and a vapor hangs over the stagnant water. The air is moist and beads of sweat quickly form on your forehead as you battle onwards.


Dragon's Lair Bridge

The air shimmers with a suffocating heat. You wipe the sweat from your brow as you creep across the blackened bridge, placing each footfall between the strewn rubble and crumbling obsidian. Dwarves build things to last, but little can stand before what now resides here.


Dragon's Lair Entrance

Shattered tiles, a toppled pillar. Gleaming eyes with a fierce intelligence, watching from the bowels of the once Dwarven hall. Before you, a creature of nightmares. Behind you, a sea of molten rock and swirling ash. Your grip tightens around your blade as the island quakes.


Dragon's Lair Burrow

Great claw marks cover every surface, the once-dwarven storeroom burrowed away to house the beast and its hoard. The chamber is heated like a furnace, and each step brings you closer to total exhaustion. The beast is trapped within... And so are you.


Abandoned Quarry

The isolated quarry was but a few months old when the sharp sound of pickaxes abruptly ceased. The camp disappeared overnight, leaving no trace besides the curious object they unearthed.


The Blacksmith

The clash of hammer on metal on anvil rings through the city, leading you to its source. You follow the winding streets to a stout building, with an equally stout and blackened dwarf standing over a blazing forge. He leaves his work, looks your dented, corroded, bloodstained plate up and down, and  lets out a deep sigh.


Rustic Residence

The wrinkled lady waits for you all to enter and eases the door closed behind you, snapping the locks and latches back in their place. She shuffles hastily across the room to the stove, humming all the way, where she collects a whistling kettle and brings it to four waiting cups. It seems you were expected.


Delightful Dwelling

You step into the well lit dining room and breath in the spicey scent wafting from a bubbling pan. You ease into a dining chair and await your supper, feet aching from several days journeying.


Cursed Oak

As you walk down the forested road, a low whistling sound reaches your ears. It leads you off the packed road and into the underbrush, and a short while later you find yourself in a clearing. In the center is a sickly oak tree tied in chains, and the chains each lead to a boulder-like anchor. Each boulder has a hole in it where the chains are tied, and the wind whistles eerily through them, creating the otherworldly sound.



Tranquil Temple

The steeple bell echoes through the streets, rousing the villagers from their homes to gather in the tall stone building. You follow the chattering crowd, minding the children skipping by and the frail man moving half the speed of everyone else. You soon arrive at the oaken doors and stand to wait for the rest of the party. Where has the rogue got to?


The Alchemist

A staggering mixture of scents assault your nose as you step inside the dimly lit Alchemy shop. The shopkeep grunts without looking up from his papers as you walk by, taking in the kaleidoscope of vials glinting throughout the room.


General Goods Store

You unfold your shopping list, taking special care to not let the trailing paper drag over the damp cobblestone. Arrows, nails, waterskins, wineskins, a ten-foot pole... You step inside the dusty store and George the shopkeep jumps awake, muttering a greeting and squinting against the light flowing in behind you. The door slams shut and he winces.


Adored Abode

The pickpocket is swift as the wind and you struggle to keep chase. You watch him hurdle a cart of cabbages and dart down a suburban street. You crash through the cart, sending cabbages sprawling. A muffled cry follows you as you blaze after the thief. He jumps again, this time passing soundlessly through an open house window. You burst through the door, splinters fly, and you find him trapped between a locked back door and yourself.



Trusty Tavern

A ragtag group of strangers sit at the same dark corner table. A waitress collects their order, but they will not be eating this night, for an old man barges through the tavern door shouting "A quest! A quest!"


The Schooner

The ship rocks gently on the surf, its dual sails dropped and bundled. You stand on the deck, sweating under the persistent sun, and looking out over the water to the port afar. Gulls screech and compete for a perch in the rigging above.



Jungle Stream

You swat the insects from your sweaty brow as you wade through the lukewarm stream. Your bones ache from days of travel and a heavy pack, and you collapse gratefully in the mud and roots when you reach the bank. A kaleidoscope of birds scatter with shrill cries from the tree you lean against. You ignore them, and set about prying the leeches from your soaked leggings.



Grassy Path

Grasshoppers chirp at your passing as you follow the road through the grassy plains. The gravel crunches with each step, and you eye the hastily approaching stormclouds on the horizon. You'd best pick up the pace.



Little Library

You follow the directions of the barmaid to a compact building tucked away in the corner of town. Its paint is faded, and the door groans as you open it. Inside you find shelves after shelves lined with books, lit by dusty sun shafts streaming down from a skylight above. An old man lifts himself on wobbly knees from an armchair and hurries over to shake your hand.



Druid's Burrow

Beneath a towering mushroom, nestled in a grass slope, stands a stout oaken door. You peer through the rusted keyhole, spying a spacious burrow braced with gnarled, coiling roots. A faint blue glow reveals a bed and some crude furniture in the shadowy room. As you adjust your footing for a better look, an angry eye blocks your eyehole.



Country Road

The rain has stopped for now, but dark clouds still linger overhead. You have made it to the country town of Yanasen, where farmers are carting produce down muddy streets with chickens darting between them. An anvil rings in the distance, and a dog barks. Shelter at last.



Icy Battle Site

Towering, icy walls carve three jagged lines through the pristine snow. A tree lays shivering where one of the projections splintered its roots. Magic still hangs in the morning air; the caster could not have gone far.



Pirate's Cove

Your rowboat bobs on gentle waves as you squint at the shoreline, scanning for the tanned men who stole your ship weeks ago. Two sit by a reckless fire at the cliff's top, drinking from bottles and laughing loud enough to be heard from where you float. You push off from the rocks and begin your stealthy approach.



Rice Paddy

To your left and right stretch a network of watery, green paddies, and beyond them tower mountains cloaked in white clouds. You lead your cart carefully along the narrow road, nodding to each farmer that stands up to stare. They have not seen an adventurer here in a long while.



Churning Sea

The sails stretch on the salted wind, and the ship creaks and lurches over the churning water. It is midday, and a hot sun beams down on a deep blue ocean, looming as far as you can see around your rough-looking vessel. Seventeen days to go.



Damp Mine

A dirt-covered miner pushes past you, hollow eyes fixed on the ground before him. He seems to take no notice of your colorful bardic uniform, nor the muddy smudge he left on your shoulder. How rude!



Damp Mine Exterior

You step out into the grey light and blink the icy rain from your eyes. It falls in a slanted curtain over the tundra, and runs down the hillside in trickling streams to join the black river that runs through the mining camp. You shrug on your hood and hurry down the pathway, the warm inn on your mind.



Halfway Camp

Your backpack hits the ground with a whump, closely followed by your two boots. You stretch out on the packed earth, strategically positioning yourself so that your feet will face the eventual fire that the tracker is working on. You are soon asleep.



Forest Road

Peach colored light beams through the pine canopy in long diagonal shafts, and early morning fog coils about you as you trod the soggy road, blinking the sleep from your eyes.



Wooden Watchtower

The long-standing tower groans as you cherry pick which ladder rungs to trust with your weight. Icy wind howls around you, and soon you heave yourself onto the platform. You stand and take in the moonlit snow. It will be a long shift.



Tropical Island

The remains of your ship bob and roll in the light waves, gradually collecting on the white shore. You spit the taste of salt from your mouth and walk a slow circle, scanning. The horizon is as bleak and blue as ever.



Carts, Carriages & Wagons

To your great relief, the rough country road transitions abruptly to well maintained packed dirt. Your once rattling cargo now lies still, along with your chattering teeth. Bartimus the bull grunts in approval.

Cavern Mouth

Bats scatter noisily as you pad through the cavern opening on filth-covered earth. As the bats whirl and disperse, a cold silence settles upon you, and you feel the weight of the mountain bearing down.

River Jetty

You step warily out of the bobbing rowboat and onto the jetty. Mosquitoes whine in the evening light, and a stooped woman looks up from her lamplighting, smiling a toothless smile.

Cavern Corral

Squeeks of various pitches echo off the tunnel walls. The cacaphony grows louder as you press on, excited by the squelch of your footsteps. You hold your torch high and suddenly see a thousand metal bars glinting back. And eyes, many eyes.

The Mermaid Inn

You close the wide double doors on the storm outside and shake off the clinging rain. A large tank dominates your view, standing tall in the midst of the tables and patrons in the cavernous room. Its far-reaching blue glow shifts and dances with the flowing movements of the mer dancer inside.

Cavern Fungiwood

The air hangs in strange purple clouds as you press on down the tunnel. You round a bend, and before you stands a towering growth of violet mushrooms, glowing the same dim, otherwordly hue. Whispers, seemingly in the sporous clouds, becon you to enter.

Cavern Crossroad

Torch held high, you pick your way carefully through the tunnel. The air grows chilled and moist, and the sound of rumbling water escalates. You come to a yawning room, with misting water at the far end and mottled algae sprawled over the stone floor.

Golem Forge

Black smoke billows from the tall chimney of the Golem Forge, spiraling high into the grey sky. You step through the double door entrance into a small store filled with miscellaneous items. Behind a railing, a stocky figure is sillhouetted by a blazing forge, and the ring of his hammer rattles the displays with each powerful strike.

Rotation Station

The cylindrical station drifts in a distant orbit around the red desert planet, a bright beacon in the dark, starry space. Its inner surface juts with tall buildings and surrogate forests. Your craft eases into its center and you busy yourself with boarding procedures.

Cavern River

You wade through the shallow, ebbing water, taking careful purchase on each invisible rock. Worryingly, you can hear the sound of rougher water ahead, no doubt eager to sweep you and your precariously flickering lantern away.


During the decade long war between the Rondels and the Sabinas, Woodside stood as a mere, nameless watchtower on the Rondel border. As the war waged on, the tower became a keep, and then a fortified encampment. After the eventual truce, the keep's central location saw it blossom swiftly into a place of trade between the two factions. Farms sprung up on what was once the stomping grounds of great armies, and an elaborate fountain was erected to mark the alliance. The old keep and palisade still stand as a testament to its origins, but Woodside is now a place of peace.

Cavern Waterfall

The cavern is filled with swirling mist and an endless roar. Your map reads "follow alongside the river" but all that you have found is the river's deadly terminus. Across the chasm, appearing and disappearing in the vapor, is a blocky altar. Perhaps that is where the Hammer of the Clear Sky rests?

Dwarven Outpost

You arrive at the outpost at sunset and are greeted by an unwelcome sight. The tall iron doors are ajar, and orcish runes are painted over them in old, black blood. Peering inside, you see a dusty interior, proving that the familiar dwarves are surely gone. Embers crackle in the brazier.

Cavern Torture Chamber

The walls seem to close around you as you descend ever deeper. Darkness surrounds you. You step in something and it tugs at your boot. Looking down, you see thick, black blood, and your pale, confused expression reflected back. A creature steps suddenly into view, tall and gangly and wearing a tattered waistcloth. Its matted fur stands on end and it hisses sharply, raising a cleaver above its rat-shaped head.

The World of Sanspants

The World of Sanspants is a vibrant and varied planet. Two major continents dominate the surface, Bronland and Vorenguard, where humans, elves and dwarves call home. Across wild oceans are the craggy Irontooth shores, the tall spires of Marr Gan and the frozen wastes, where all manner of stranger kinds dwell.

Cavern Alchemy Lab

At the end of the tiled hall stands a wooden wall and door not unlike the facade of a house on the surface. The unlocked door opens easily, and a well ordered interior stands neatly behind it. Dusty wooden furniture is placed around the compact, homely room. At the foot of a neat bed is an yawning trap door, where a wafting green vapor rises up and out.

Lonely Tower

A lonely tower stands tall amidst the red shrubland, defiant against the cutting wind and rain. It marks the last bastion of civilization before The Waste, and the first warning against its roaming monsters. Only the mad or well-paid venture here.

Cosy Cottage

The stout cottage stands alone on the hill, surrounded by a scattering of shaggy goats. The bells around their necks jangle as they graze. As you near the rickety building, it becomes apparent that the door is swung open, and a note is pinned to it with a bloody dagger.

Hungering Pit

Before you is a bottomless pit surrounded by scattered pillars of white stone. Atop each pillar floats a black gem, and each gem has a smokey tendril stretching into the yawning hole. A hunched figure in a ragged grey robe stands on a carved platform, and his gasping cackles echo through the ruins. Quite suddenly, oily specters begin streaming out of the pit - they surge in your direction.

Twisting Trail

You doze in your saddle, enjoying the midday sun and thinking of the festivities awaiting you in Highgate. Your musing is interrupted by the jarring stop of your horse. A cart lies upturned, blocking the road. You had not seen it as you approached, as it was hidden behind a bend in the trail. You are suddenly very awake, and you reach for your sword. Three wild-looking men step out from the shadows.

City Street

Wind howls down the street, rattling shutters and disturbing puddles. A few lanterns still burn, despite it being near-dawn. You plod down the cobbled street on aching heels, eager to rest your weary body in the first inn that appears.

Rope Bridge

Clouds of vapor billow out of the narrow gorge. A slick rope bridge sways in its midst, as if hanging on for dear life. Your palms grow sweaty as you peer down into the monstrous rapids far below.

Forest Glade

Your boot snags on a gnarled root for the last time this day, for you have found a camp site! You cast off your backpack, flick out your sleeping roll, and in an instant a joyous fire is lit. You collapse wearily into the swaying grass and gaze up into the now-dark-sky. A full moon stares back.

Forgotten Tomb

All is silent except for the whispering leaves. Ravens perch on shivering branches, quiet and watching. You walk wearily down the path, flanked on both sides by weathered graves, aproaching the statue of a tall, robed woman. Her spindly hands hold a shallow bowl, and her cowled face peers down into it solemnly. The hair on the back of your neck bristles, and the air grows thick with terror.

Forgotten Well

The little hamlet that once stood here now lies in ruin, filled with thick webs and bear-sized spiders. The nearby townsfolk say that the hamlet's construction was abandoned when the digging of the well struck a long forgotten crypt. The echoing noises of whatever lived down there led to the hasty abandonment of the construction, and the scuttling monsters moved in some time after.

Forgotten Crypt

This ancient crypt has two entrances: a well over the small cavern lake, and the sealed tomb with its downward staircase. Many somethings lurk below, snarling and shuffling.

Volcanic Descent

Now at the peak of the great mountain, you stand in awe and absorb the magnitude of its glowing crater. The dry wind whips at your clothing, and you plant your feet so as not to be swept down into the craggy descent. Colorful rocks from the very bowels of the planet lay exposed here, inviting you to slip and break yourself upon them. It is an unfriendly place, but you must press on.

Island Crossing

A storm looms on the horizon, flashing angrily with lightning as you tread mud-slicked boots over the first red bridge. The studded trees shake their gnarled limbs at your approach, and a puff of salty spray catches you right in the eyes. Maybe there's something to this "angry spirit" the fishermen spoke of after all?

Island Plateau

...You cross the third bridge and step onto the last island. It's broader than the rest, and taller, looking like a natural pedestal to the glorious structure at its plateau. The pathway forks here, so you take the better hewn one on the left. You follow its curve up and around, taking each step with care so as not to topple over the sun-baked cliff alongside you. A few steep steps later you find yourself at the plateau, where a man stands, waiting...

Shrine Essentials

This map & token pack contains a small and medium shrine, as well as 34 accompanying tokens.

The Shrine Essentials are designed for easy use on Roll20, but the PNGs should work in any virtual setup. You will also receive a PDF, in case you wish to print and cut out these props.

Rock Garden & Tea House

Two autumn-clad hills stretch up on either side of you like shroud between worlds. Ginkgo trees whisper in the breeze, shedding their leaves like golden tears mourning the passing of summer. Beneath this vibrant blanket slumber the treasured rocks of the man you are about to meet. He stands before you now, outside the humble tea house. You are unsure how this ceremony goes. "That's... A nice boulder," you say sheepishly.

The East Bridge

Better known by the cityfolk as the "Bloody Bridge," this is often the site where refined folk go to resolve their differences with a duel. Curiously, it is also a popular wedding venue.

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Coastal Town

War and piracy has driven trade ships south, turning this fishing village into an active port virtually overnight. The townsfolk are terribly ill-equipped to deal with the rowdy folk now drawn here, and could use a good adventuring party on their side.

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Market Festival

Merchants of every sort clutter the sun-bleached street, and performers from across the seas take their turn on the center stage.

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Wizard's Tower

This isolated tower is undoubtedly brimming with arcane knowledge and treasure. It's no wonder the owner throws lightning down on all who approach...

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Castle Walls

Blue banners flutter at the peak of each tower, their connecting walls forming an impenetrable curtain around the inner city.

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The Windy Realms

Currents of air and magic suspend these lands amidst the clouds, and all manner of life flourish on their rocky surfaces. Here, ships sail on the wind as easy as the ocean waves, and only the most wind-seasoned pilots know their course.

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Castle Gatehouse

The white walls of the Edgeguard gatehouse stretch both tall and wide, a banner of civilization on the wild frontier.

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The Galleon

Fueled by wind and shanty, the sleek warship cuts through the grey water like the fin of a great shark. Woe to those that it catches.

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Castle Tower

Two night watchmen sit close to the fireplace, bent over their game of chess. Meanwhile, a grappling hook finds purchase on the crenelations outside.

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Wild Road

Travelling to the frontier is no small undertaking, as the long journey follows a muddy road flanked on both sides by vast, wild lands.

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The city state of Greybanner is the hub to a potent mercenary faction of the same name. Here, fighters are ranked by their performance in the ancient arena, and are doled work by the hot-headed and ever-changing council.

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Castle Keep

At the heart of the castle complex stands the donjon, the seat of power for the realm and the final obstacle for besiegers and assassins alike.

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Castle Furniture

100 medieval-themed furniture tokens, in high-res and Roll20-optimized PNGs

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